Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just hanging out Watching Eagles! (Real ones!)

Yesterday, I heard a story that really caught my interest on NPR. Now, I am not a regular listener of NPR, because very rarely do the stories ever catch my interest, but this one was so neat I cannot help but share!!!
As we speak there is a live feed of two eagles and their recently hatched eaglettes online. The video feed shows 24 hours a day and documents every move these eagles make. I checked it out today and was surprised at how interested my monkeys were. Every single one of them sat silently and watched in awe at the beautiful creatures (okay, Baby Gray only lasted for approx. 2 minutes, and then started beating the computer, but for an 18 month old, 2 minutes is a lifetime of stillness). I found myself getting excited when the mama eagle started moving around and I could see 2 little hatched eaglettes peaking out from underneath her. She was even feeding them some fish she had caught earlier.

Apparently the eagles are being watched as part of a research project, and over 200 million people have viewed the feed so far. When we logged on, there were 150,000 people watching at the same time as us. I am not sure why it is so interesting, but I do know that it was something that my family loved seeing. It is something positive and uplifting (a nice break from all of the bad news on the internet and television). You can even watch the eagles at night via infrared light. So cool.

Anyway, just wanted to share the neat experience we had. Be sure to let me know if you check it out, and what you and your family think!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Hair is So Shiny I Couldn't Lose My Head!!!

Well, I have to tell you that I am writing this post in severe and utter disappointment! I successfully fulfilled my hair and makeup Monday Mayo Review, and have some fun pic's to share, BUT.... of course my new camera cord is missing (therefore I cannot download them). Things have been known to be used as Barbie belts or get flushed down the toilet, so there really is no telling where the cord could be. I also would probably lose my head if it wasn't attached, so the cord could be making friends with my other lost items somewhere over the rainbow never to be seen again.

Soooo I decided to use my scanner to upload the pictures! I thought, "Oh yeah Autumn, great idea!" BUT.... my computer decided to freeze 5 times during the middle of the download. For some reason I am not supposed to show you the outcome of the Mayo extravaganza, but I promise you this, I will not give up. I don't want to spoil my upcoming (hopefully) post telling you all about how entertaining it was dousing myself in something that soaks a sandwich, but I will tell you that my hair looks awesome today! It is so shiny that my coworkers had to put on sunglasses to walk by me in the hall. Okay, I know I'm corny, but really I did receive a lot of compliments on my hair today!
Here are 2 pictures I was able to take with my phone
following my homemade Mayo
hair treatment. I'll give you the pros and
cons tomorrow when I get the rest of the
pic's downloaded :(

I am going to try my hardest to get the full review up tomorrow, but I just wanted to make sure you all knew I didn't forget about you.

Wish me luck on making it over the rainbow to retrieve my cord, or over to Wal-Mart to buy a new one.
I am making banana bread tonight, so I will be sure to share that recipe. It is an old German recipe that I tweaked a little to fit our family's tastes! Mmmmmm! (I love having Coach home to cook for!!!!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair & Makeup Monday: Whipping Up Soft Shiny Hair!

This is definitely not me
or my hair. It was so shiny
and pretty, that I am hoping
this will be my outcome.
But Blonde :)
 Ways to Get Soft Shiny Hair
(For Thrifty Women Like Me!
-A.K.A. Cheap)

Winter has officially taken the life out of my hair. Because of this I am on a quest to find the best home remedy to add shine and health back to my hair. I found many different sites with ideas, and I've decided to try one a week for the next 4 weeks. I will let you know which ones actually are worth your energy, and which one's are old wives tales. Here is the first home remedy for dull hair that I will be testing!!! (I'm a little scared!)
An Oldie But a Goodie

1.  Mayonnaise:
I've always heard about this in old movies and on t.v. shows, but never really thought that I would put something that goes in between two slices of bread on my head. I never thought I would be cleaning crayon out of a toddlers teeth either, but sometimes you do what you've got to do :)

It is advised to put the mayo in your hair, focusing on the ends (to reduce frizz and split ends) and leaving it in for approximately an hour. You can wrap it with a towel or just put on a shower cap to keep from condimenting your home. After the hour wait, rinse, shampoo, and blowdry.
**** Tip: When rinsing your hair use cool water. It seals the cuticles and is supposed to prevent frizz. *****
I'm heading off now to get started. I will take pic's to let you see the difference. Check back tomorrow to help me judge whether this is beauty miracle or just miracle whip!

See ya tomorrow. Let's just hope Coach doesn't smell my head and decide he feels hungry in the middle of the night!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank Goodness for Saturdays

(A picture of mommy: by Stinkerbelle)
Sorry it has been a few days since I have been able to write a post. Honestly this week has been rough. Spring break is over and school is back with a vengeance :) It seems like it is flying by, which is nice, but I have so much to do before school is out that I am kind of hoping it will slow down a little. I have drowned my stresses in comfort foods like frito pie and macaroni and cheese. Mmmmm..... probably not the best for my waistline, but definitely the best for my emotional stability.

I'm sorry Jillian,
please don't hurt me!

I do have a confession, I missed my Coach's Widow Workout 3 times. Instead of being on day 9 of my Jillian Michaels Shred, I am on day 6. I am still up to the challenge, and not planning on quitting anytime soon! I've heard many times that it is a bad idea to be hard on yourself when you are dieting because it makes you want to give up altogether, and I am going to apply this to my workout. Okay I missed a few days, but I am going to keep going and do better next time. Life happens. (I think we all know that!)

On top of having a rough week, Coach had an out of town trip scheduled for this weekend. I am not usually a really emotional person (I'm sure some who know me would beg to differ :) , but I actually cried when he was talking about leaving on Friday. (Such a baby.) I had just gotten used to him being home more than usual now that basketball season is over, and he was heading off again. I sucked it up pretty quick and got my big girl panties on and prepared to tackle my beautiful trio of monkeys for the weekend!  I think many times in my head things seem like they will be harder than they actually are. Yes, I am absolutely worn slick after chasing a 2 year old who lives on an emotional roller coaster, a 1 year old who thinks it is hilarious to push any button he can find (remote, television, lamps, alarm clocks, his mother's .....), and a 5 year old who never quits explaining every detail of every minute of her favorite episode of ICarly.

But...... once I am sitting here typing this blog and have them in bed, I think of all of the fun we had today and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to chase the 2 year old who carefully picked up a beetle and saved it from being squished, the 1 year old who ran toward me saying "tickle, tickle, tickle," and the 5 year old who said, "Mommy you are the most beautifulest woman in the whole world." That was enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. (please refer to the above photograph for a life-like portrait)

 I spent the late afternoon sitting in my backyard on a towel attempting to soak up some of the 95 degree weather while I watched the monkeys play.  I love warm weather!! Here are some pics of our not too busy day. Thank goodness for Saturdays!

Baby Gray loves chalk! He will write on anything with his
sidewalk chalk! (P.S., yes, that is drool on his shirt, it
is a never ending floodgate)
Chalked the mini tramp!
And the window screens!

He attempted to chalk Sleevy but she was smart
and hid behind the grill.

He eventually made his way 
back to color his sisters and himself!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1000 Pageviews!

I have officially reached 1000 pageviews in 2 months!!!! I'm sure for some blogs this is a daily reading log, but it is a big milestone for me. Plus, I like any excuse to celebrate!!!

Thank you to all of you who have read my posts and encouraged me to keep writing!
I really love doing it, and have already met some great people through my blog!!!!

Although over 900 of the page views are from the United States, it is neat to see that I have had readers from
places like, France, Poland, Singapore, UK, Thailand, Netherlands, Austria, Pakistan, and many more.
I would also like to thank my Canadian readers as well eh? (I'm allowed to attempt the Canadian lingo since I am sure you Canadians have made fun of my constant use of the word y'all!) :)

I hope to keep writing and hopefully inspiring or at least entertaining others with my stories of craziness in The Coach's Widow home.

If you have any ideas of things you would like included in upcoming posts or any questions you would like to ask, feel free!!!! I'm pretty much an open book. With reason :)

Love to all!
Thanks again for reading!

Monday, March 21, 2011

7 Makeup tips for tired moms

Being a mom of three and being a coach's wife is a tiring task. Because of this I have been on the lookout for some makeup tips to help us tired ladies look refreshed!

You know that I am not a morning person, so anything to help me look a little less angry in the mornings is welcomed :)

We are going to take this spring forward time change and rule it by using these makeup tricks for looking awake and vibrant!!!

I've searched makeup artists blogs and articles for the best tips I can find. These are the most simple, affordable, and frequently recommended tips by the experts for waking up your look.

Today we are going to focus on the Eyes!

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so let's get started on putting some pretty curtains on those windows!

1. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop Keep your brows groomed. It is recommended that you go to a professional and have them shape your brows first, and then if you want to, you can keep up the grooming.
P.S. My Grandmama taught me to pluck in natural light. I know that when I don't, I end up getting in the car, looking in the rearview mirror and freaking out that I just plucked and still look like "Alf" (I loved him!!!)

2. Use eye drops to reduce redness. I think the bloodshot look is very Twilight, but pretty sure Coach would prefer peppy refreshed Autumn.

3. Concealer, concealer, concealer! Concealer is the key to reducing those pesky undereye circles. Each person has different skin tones and needs, so the type is up to you. Just make sure it is a shade lighter than your skin tone if it is going under your eyes. This will brighten up and give an awakened look.

4. White or nude eyeliner on the inner rims of your bottom lash line is one of the most used makeup artists tricks!!! Some experts suggested silver or pink colors as well if white is too bright and nude blends too much.

5. Shimmery shadow in the inner corners of your eye is a recommendation that I have heard for a long time, but apparently it works. In Januaary's Glamour magazine, Gwenyth Paltrow recently was reported to have done this to look more awake on Good Morning America. If the stars do it, we know it's good :)

6. Curl your lashes. The higher the lashes, the more open your eyes look.
(My mom always gets mad at me because I put on mascara and then curl!! It kills her. Don't tell her, but I still do it sometimes.)

7. Highlight your brow bone with a light colored shadow. Some articles said to use a shimmery shadow, while others said to just use a tan matte color. I particularly would rather not have to try to get sparkle/shimmer out of my eyebrow at night, so I stick with the matte. This highlighting again brings a more open look (especially if you have kept up with tip #1)

I know there is no way that in the morninngs you or I will be able to do all of these tips to brighten our look, but try them and see which one's work for you. If you decide to forgo all of them, remember you can always claim to be going for the Twilight look :)

Good Luck!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Coach's Widow Workout

worRecently I hung out with a girlfriend who has transformed her body! She has lost a lot of weight and more importantly feels great! She let me in on what began her transformation. Her enthusiasm encouraged me to begin a new workout regimen. I'm calling it:

"The Coach's Widow Workout!"

I can't take credit for this workout though. It is a workout video by the meanest trainer in television. Jillian Michaels.

I've developed a new love/hate relationship with her! :)
But before I tell you about the workout, I have to show off my workout kicks!

Coach got me these shoes at the end of football season as a thank you! Coaches get all sorts of shoes and awesome sports outfits each season, and I was feeling deprived :)

These are Nike ID!!! You can look up the website to customize your own tennis shoes! I'm pretty sure no one will ever steal my shoes since they have my name on them, not that anyone could handle the stench of
my tennis shoes (I know... too much information hehee)

(I liked how this North Face hoodie matched my shoes!)
This was my end of basketball season gift. I know I'm a little spoiled,
but c'mon three kids later, I gotta get something fun :) Plus,
I would definitely not ever spend more than a few dollars on myself,
so Coach thinks it is fun to do it every once in a while.

Back to my new workout!!! I have started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I am now on day 3 and have not felt more sore in my life. It includes 3 different workouts that you work your way up to. I have decided to do 10 days on level 1, 10 on level 2, and 10 on level 3. She does not specify you have to do this, but if I set it, I know I have to do it. Each level increases in intensity and includes strengths, cardio, and abs. All three of which I need!

I am partially telling you about my workout to inform you of how exciting and great this video is, but also so that I am accountable!!!! I've decided to be 100% committed to completing the 30 days. So, definitely ask me how it's going, and ask me any questions about the workout if you are interested. It's pretty intense, but for some of us who are going on a cruise this summer (it's me it's me!!!), it is necessary for bathing suit purposes!!!! By the way, if you are interested in buying the video it is approximately $8 at Wal-Mart.

Wish me luck! P.S., I would also like to say I now feel amazingly sorry for the people on the biggest loser!!! (I already felt sorry for them, but now I empathize a little) If I scream at her on the screen, I can only imagine how they feel during their workouts. XoXo Biggest Losers!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's, Birthdays, and L.A.T.A

Last night, Coach and I actually got to go out!!! I don't mean just dinner and home either, we actually got to socialize! If you have read my previous posts, I'm sure you know that is a difficult task for us to do :)

It was one of the other basketball coach's birthdays, so we went out to celebrate. He just happens to be dating a member of a new music group called L.A.T.A, and they were performing. So we got to celebrate, and see a concert. Who are we???  I love spring break :)

We made our way to downtown Austin, and met up with the coach and his friends. By the way, if you have never been to Austin before, it is an experience in itself. Not only was it St. Patricks day, it was also the South by Southwest concert series. (This is a big event in Austin where big musicians come and play). So not only were the normal WEIRD Austinites out, the REALLY WEIRD ones were out too :) It made for plenty to look at as we made our way to the concert.

I was taking the pic, walking in heels, and trying not to get run
over by pedicabs, so sorry it's blurry :)

We watched the concert, watched a few people who had had too many drinks dance around the floor, ate some birthday cake, socialized and headed home. A very fun night for people who usually go to Chili's and maybe take a walk near the river for date night (don't get me wrong, I love those dates too, but a change of pace was really fun).

P.S.,  The Group L.A.T.A was amazing. Check out their first single!!! Very fun music that gets stuck in your head easily!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gradual Self Tanner

Today's Makeup Monday post:
Self Tanner!

Spring is on the way, and I am pale! This Summer I have a cruise planned and I plan on looking tan. Because of this, I need to get a head start on the best self tanners. I decided to put two gradual self tanners to the test. An off brand (Wal-Mart Equate) and Jergens gradual self tanner.

I applied the Jergens self tanner to my right arm, and applied the off brand to my left arm. I put on two applications to make sure that there was at least a slight difference in the tint of my skin.

I was impressed with the outcome of both. No streaks! Although it is important to wash your hands after the application. If you don't the spaces between your fingers will appear orange.

I used the lotion for the medium skin tone even though I am light skinned. I did this in hopes that it would work faster :)

To be honest, the outcome of this scientific experiment, (maybe I should teach science instead of speech..... okay I won't quit my day job) was that the outcome was exactly the same.

Off brand top arm

Jergens below

Both arms had a slight tan look. I surveyed those around me to see if anyone thought that one arm looked better than the other (yes, they thought I was weird, but obliged). I had 2 choose the right Jergens arm, and 3 say the left off brand. I think it may be slightly swayed by the extra freckles on my left arm.

What this shows is that if you pay less, you will still get a good outcome. Good price, good gradual tan. Remember, if you want a quick tan, this is not the lotion for you.


  • Makes you look good

  • Affordable

  • Tan without damaging your skin

  • moisturizes as well

  • The Equate is supposed to firm and reduce appearance of cellulite (don't know, haven't noticed a difference, but haven't tried it in
    those areas yet)


  • Self tanner smell

  • Very gradual

  • Doesn't last very long

Would I buy again? Yes, (probably the off brand, since I'm a cheapie)

Have to go watch the Bachelor Finale now!!!!

BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Mystery Solved!!!

My final envelope from my sister included this message:


So I'm assuming you still have not figured it out. Call it What You Want, but I know I made it a little hard. But I Want It That Way. Don't worry though, Baby I Believe in You. So, Let's Try It Again because You Got It.. The Right Stuff to figure this out. So you should probably take it Step By Step. I know these are just more clues you're getting Tonight, but they are All I Have to Give you, and believe me, the are not something that Everybody can have. They are a little Larger Than Life but so are we so Please Don't Go Girl, keep thinking about it and Hangin Tough and you'll get it. As Long as You Love Me, I'll Quit Playing Games and wait for The Call from you letting me know that you put it all together. Now, Didn't I Blow Your Mind????


 I did get the mystery after this message!!!! She is taking me to a concert!!! Did you figure it out? If not, Kyna on my previous post was amazing and figured it out before I even opened my final envelpe!!! Great job!!! Thanks for all of the help y'all! You are amazing!

P.S., I have had a great birthday today! Good food, family, and lots of cake (the cake almost caught on fire from all of the candles). I got a new camera, so I no longer have to mourn the death of my previous one :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Birthday Mystery!!!!

Basketball season is over!!! What , What! That is my reaction when I get excited about things, please excuse it, and forget I ever said it. You are all just lucky you don't have to witness my dancing when I get really happy. It is like a tribal indian dance gone bad. I'll stop there.

Anyway, I need your help in figuring out a mystery. You better believe I'm going all Nancy Drew on you. (by the way, I always dreamed of being Nancy Drew.... solving mysteries with Ned and driving my convertible around town- I guess I came close.... driving my first car a Datsun which broke down every 30 miles around town with my 6ft 6 future Coach squished in it, and trying to solve the mystery of how to get it home... a girl can dream).

Back to my mystery!!!!  Over the last month I have been receiving letters from an unmarked sender at my house. Each piece of mail has an individual letter(alphabet letter) in the envelope. Luckily I recognized the handwriting, or I would have been really freaked out. (Of course it is my sister! She is a student teacher right now. Who else would decorate the envelopes with colored markers and hearts?) She has been sending me these random letters now each week, and I have no idea what they are supposed to spell.

My birthday is this Sunday, and apparently these letters are supposed to give me a clue about what she is getting me for my birthday. I thinks she thinks it is fun to torment me :)  There is a final letter that arrived yesterday, that I am not allowed to open until tomorrow, and she said I cannot have my gift unless I figure out the clues :( 

Well, I cannot figure out what the letters could spell, so I am asking for your help!!!! I've been given a hint that it could be an acronym..... Still doesn't help.  (And no this is not cheating! You are just helping in the process! Just don't tell my sister. ) 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Coach's Widow's Tips to Staying Sane for Moms

How to stay sane as a mom:

1. First and foremost, Take time for you!!!
I have a hard time with this sometimes because I feel like mommy knows best. Yes, Daddy may let them eat 3 starches for dinner but they will survive while I take a half an hour to write, or enjoy a night out with my girlfriends. This pertains to taking time out for you to spend time with your husband as well. Coach and I make it a point to go on at least one date a month. Many times we have the babysitter come over after 2/3 kids are asleep, but at least we have the chance to reconnect and remember the special things we love about each other that are harder to see with spit up on your shirt, or Barney songs playing in the background.  

2. Ask for help. I have such a hard time with this. In my head, if I can't do something on my own then I'm weak. I have learned that even the most successful people have to get help. All the Hollywood celebrities have assistants, maybe that's what I need ;)

Grammie loves giving babies baths in
the sink!!! I love taking pics of

3. Say No. As a mom there are people asking you for things left and right. On top of your families needs there are always others asking for your help. Don't overload your plate. Learn to say no if you really don't have time or the energy to fully fulfill those obligations and continue to be a great mom. There will always be someone who is disappointed if you say no, but the most important thing is your health, and the needs of your family.

Sometimes you have to be stern!

4. Realize that no one is perfect. Doing your best and putting forth effort for your family is all that matters. Parenting and perfection do not go together. It is more like a hill you are trying to climb. Sometimes you need to sit down and take a break, sometimes you may go downhill a little, but you are always working toward being at the top (you can't leap to the top of a mountain, it takes a lot of effort and trials to reach the peak, but the view from the top is worth the work).

5. Give up the guilt. Everyone has different expectations and beliefs about what form of parenting is best. As long as love and energy is put into raising your children, you should feel like you are doing a good job. I constantly feel guilty for everything (sitting down to rest even makes me feel guilty sometimes when I feel like my time could be more productively spent another way). Guilt is never productive.

Happy Healthy Moms = Happy Healthy Kids

 If your children see and feel that you are enjoying life, they in turn will see what they need to do to enjoy their own lives.

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Fishtailing It!

Hair and Makeup Monday:

Today I decided to write a post featuring a fun new hairstyle (it may not be new, but it's new to me).
 Many times I get stuck in a rut with my hair, so I was set on finding a fresh new style. has some really great ideas! I went through a list of new hair ideas for 2011, and found one that really caught my eye.

I have been seeing this hairstyle on t.v., and in magazines, but never really thought I could pull it off on my own hair. Well, I tried it for y'all, and you can be the judge of the outcome.

The Fishtail Braid

This is my inspiration. Let's just get this out there: I will
be doing the cute version of this pic. The sexy version is
not happening :)

According to Allure, a fishtail is a more interesting version of a side braid. (oohh....ahhhh)
Steps to creating the fishtail braid:
1. Seperate hair into two sections instead of three.

2.  Pull a few strands from the outside of one section and weave it over to the underside of the second section

3. Repeat the same motion from the opposite side

4. Keep alternating until you reach the end, then secure with an elastic. (Wish I had a clear elastic band, but had to go with what I had).

5. To dress up the style, wrap a scarf around your head like a headband and tie it in a messy knot or bow.
It took me approximately 3 trys before getting the braid to the tightness that I wanted. It helped to wrap a section and pull it upwards to tighten the braid. I also had to remind myself that it looks just as cute with a few strands poking out. It is a side braid, so messy is okay.
Overall I really like the look of this braid. I definitely don't have time to do this every morning, but may try it if I wake up with a little bit of extra time. This style also works for a relaxed night out.