Friday, February 4, 2011

Survival Skills

 7 Things I've survived this week:

1. An amazingly cold day and no socks (I hate socks, they make my feet clostrophobic- let me be free). My nickname in high school had something to do with stinky feet. Not sure why? They weren't that bad. I'll probably steal some socks from Coach to wear tomorrow so my toes don't get frostbite and fall off ;)

2. My speech darlin's turning into little gremlins at the elementary school (weather changes always make them crazy but power outages only added to the spaz factor)

3. Working on 4 hours of sleep. Baby Gray was at home sick with Coach. I hate it when babies get sick. You feel like you can never do enough. The nights were full of lots of rocking, cool washcloths, and vicks. Poor monkey.

a pic of him on a well day!

I took a pic of myself to
document the fear

4. A chicken attack. I see a little girl at her home for therapy and on my way up to the house, a chicken/guinea (not really sure what it was) decided to chase me. For some reason, animals think it is fun to attack me.I promise you I'm not exaggerating, I walked out, ran to my car, and it was pecking on my car after I got in. Growing up I had hermit crabs, hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, and fish (I was bit by all of them except the fish- I'm so glad they don't have teeth). Needless to say my dream of being a veterinarian did not become a reality.

5. Heavy snow! Just kidding. We got two inches, and that is probably a record! The kids loved it!

Stinkerbelle got to make her first snow angel, and Mini-Me only thinks snow is good for one thing. Eating! Everytime I looked up, she was getting another mouthfull.

We made snow ice-cream. I'll post the recipe for that tomorrow.

6. Walking in and seeing Mini-me putting everything she could find in the toilet after she was supposed to be in bed. We have since decided to put a bell on her door, so we can have a warning if she gets up in the middle of the night to explore. Why the toilet??? Why do kids love the toilet so much? The world will never know.

7. The underwear gnome came to visit my house and stole all of Stinkerbelle's undies. I walked in to the living room after about 20 minutes of doing work to find Coach asleep on the couch, and the underwear gnome trying to escape through the back door. Not sure how she did it, but she accomplished putting on 12 pairs. Beware, the gnome escaped and is armed and dangerous.
Not sure how she got away
with all that junk in her trunk

Snow Day Survival Tip: Have plenty of food!!!! Thank goodness we went to the store a few days ago, or I would be suiting up and skiing to the nearest convenience store! Okay, there's not enough snow to ski on, but I'd get there somehow!