Monday, February 21, 2011

Yea for Makeup Monday!

Today is the first edition of Makeup Monday!   I thought I would start with one of the basics:

Tinted Moisturizer

I have always been really bad at wearing moisturizer until this year when I started noting a few wrinkles around my eyes. I have always thought wrinkles are cute, and still do, but can wait a few more years until I embrace them with open arms :) I usually use a sheer moisturizer, but during the winter thought, "Hey, a little color never hurt anyone!"

So, I was on a quest to find a good, inexpensive tinted moisturizer (that doesn't turn my face orange). The life of a pale girl *sigh......

Well, I have found one that I like. It is smooth, sheer, and very inexpensive (that always makes it sooo much more appealing).

This moisturizer is sheerly tinted, and includes organic green tea and white tea extracts. It is certified organic, so not only am I looking good, but I'm helping the environment while I do it :)

This product comes in 4 shades: Fair (very fair, pink or porcelain undertones), Light Warm Tones (beige or yellow undertones), Medium Warm Tones (mediterranean, tanned complexion) and Dark Tones (deep, warm complexion). I use the lightest which is supposed to be used on  fair/pink toned skin (I call it pale, but fair sounds so much prettier).

Pictured: Fair Tones for very fair, pink or porcelain
When I first put it on my skin, I almost had a heart attack. I knew for sure that this was not going to blend in well.

But it did! There was no sign of a line!

The moisturizer also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and delivers a 30 SPF. So..... not only am I preventing my little haunting eye wrinkles by wearing this moisturizer, I'm also hiding them! What a deal.

-SPF 30, protects your skin
-paraben free
-has green tea and white tea extracts
-gives a good coverage that does not feel cakey,
-When I put it on, Coach said, "Wow, your skin looks really nice!
-you get a  good quality and quantity for the price, 1.5 oz for about $7

The CONS: (I didn't really have any, but this may be a con for some)
-a slight scent, but it goes away quickly after application

Worth Buying Again?: Yes

Where to buy it: Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid

Overall, I was very impressed with the Jane Be Pure aquaceuticals tinted moisturizer.
It fits into the Autumn motto:
 Simple, affordable, and functional.