Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a Swingin

My kids love to go to the park. They love to slide, and climb the monkey bars. They love to play in the sand (and throw sand in each others hair), but their favorite activity at the park is the swing.

I think I have spent hours of my life pushing children on the swing. I don't mind doing it, because it keeps them happy and entertained and not saying, "Mom, I'm thirsty" or "Mom, I'm hungry." The hunger is constant in my little starved monkeys, I swear! But it is not until recently that I got the chance to experience why they love it so much.

For Valentines day, Coach got me a swing.

I know it seems like something that you get when you are old, but I feel old :) Just kidding, I have always loved swings. My parents used to have one on our front porch, and it was the only thing that I could use to put my little brother to sleep when I would babysit (If my mom is reading this, she is saying "Yeah, cause you babysat like what... 1 time????"  I know. I know. I was not much of a baby person back then, but when I was forced, it worked :)   Who would have thought I would have 3 of my own monkeys before I was 30. Oh how God laughs at your plans :() He always has better ones.
I promise the baby has two shoes.... but I don't promise that
both are ever on at the same time *sigh

I have come to believe that this is one of the best inventions ever, and not only does it swing, it turns into an outdoor lounging area (lays down flat into a bed.... lounging area sounds so chic....I almost spelled chic as sheek, I guess that proves I don't really portray the word).  It is my new area of relaxation. Coach's team made it to the playoffs, and have been doing really well, but that means more time on my own figuring out ways to stay sane and keep kids entertained. I've loved sitting outside, soaking in the southern sun, and watching as my kiddos fight to see how monkeys can fit in a wagon (sounds like the name of a children's song.....hmmm). It's entertaining.

I watched an episode of "The Middle" yesterday (recorded on my DVR-because I no longer get to watch shows when they really come on) and it talked about how adults should revert to things they did as children to reduce stress. The parents were both skipping by the end of the show. I think this is my reversion (not sure that's a word, I love making them up). Swinging.  If you have read my previous post about cartwheels, you know how that worked out. (Still no progress)
As you can see, many times I have to wait
for my turn on the swing

Anyway, I would recommend attempting something you loved doing as a kid and see how it makes you feel. Let me know what yours is, and how it turns out! Good luck!

P.S., Coach's team won their second round of playoffs tonight!!!! Congrats to my homebody hubby!