Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Hear it for Lefties and Hair and Makeup Mondays!

I am a leftie. I'm not really sure if that is how you spell it, but if it isn't, that is my new spelling for it. It's actually kind of a cute spelling *leftie. Anyway, I've learned over the years that many times when you are left handed, you tend to enjoy being creative and thinking abstractly. (During school I always seemed to catch on to the things others found difficult, and had the most difficulty with things others found easy. It's weird I know) Lefties always tend to do things a little differently, maybe it's because the whole world is built for righties, so we get creative trying to figure out how to use right handed scissors, desks, and the mouse on the computer. You righties don't know how good you have it! :)
I would like to point out that there are many famous lefties who did great things:
  • Presidents:
James A. Garfield
Herbert Hoover
Harry S. Truman
 Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan   (I love him!!!)
 George H.W. Bush
 Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
  • Musicians/Singers
Ringo Star
Paul Mcartney
Leonardo Da Vinci
Phil  Collins
Natale Cole
Jimi Hendrix
Judy Garland
  • Artists
M.C. Escher
Hans Holbein
Leonardo da Vinci
  • Actors
Michael Landon (my mom's boyfriend :)
Robert Redford
Julia Roberts
Marilyn Monroe
Dick Van Dyke
Bruce Willis
Oprah Winfrey                                                                 

The list goes on.......   The list was just for kicks, no real point :) Sometimes not having a point is so much more fun! But I do have a point to this post.

The reason I bring this whole creativity thing up is because being a mom of three little ones and working full time, does not leave me with much time to express myself creatively. Back in the day I used to draw, paint, scrapbook, photograph, sew.....(the list goes on.... at one point I worked at Hobby Lobby, so you know I kept busy).  I do occasionally do crafts at my job, but that's work. Not just for fun.

I have always found one way to express myself, even if my life was filled with craziness. Make-up and Hair.(Some people claim it's an art!)  I am not going to claim that I am an amazing makeup artist or hairstylist, but I will admit that it is something I like to do for fun. I love to play with colors, and experiment with different hairstyles. I consistently seem to grow my hair out and then chop it off ridiculously short.

My mom is a barber, and her motto was "It's just hair. It will always grow back."  I don't know if I would live by this statement. I've never colored my hair pink (although I have always wanted to.... maybe just the tips) and I've never done anything much shorter than right below the ears but I like to switch it up a lot.

The following is what I call my evolution of hair:
I loved this short pixie cut! So easy and free!
When Summertime hits I always get the urge to
chop it off!

That middle stage is always the hardest when
you are growing it out. This was a few months after having
baby Gray. My eyes look tired!

I was almost there!
My current hair length

I got tired of waiting and added some
fun extensions-clip ins-not permanent (Way too cheap for that)
Stinkerbelle calls this my "Taylor Swift hair"
With makeup, I am not one of those ladies who sticks with what works. I always feel like there has to be something better, so I try out the new products. Many times I am disappointed and go back to my old faves, but sometimes I stumble upon a keeper.

Because of my need for an attempt at self expression, I have decided to begin Makeup and Hair Mondays. Every Monday I will feature a new cosmetic product or hairstyle. Like I said, I am a busy mom, and don't have time to look like a model in the mornings (not that I would if I did have the time) , so I plan on featuring simple, mom friendly (not mom'ish) makeup and styles. Simple, affordable, and functional. That is the theme of my life!!!!
I know Monday is a few days away, but I had the idea yesterday, decided to do it today, and had to share. Until then, let me know if you have any ideas of some new makeup products to give a try.