Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Birthday Mystery!!!!

Basketball season is over!!! What , What! That is my reaction when I get excited about things, please excuse it, and forget I ever said it. You are all just lucky you don't have to witness my dancing when I get really happy. It is like a tribal indian dance gone bad. I'll stop there.

Anyway, I need your help in figuring out a mystery. You better believe I'm going all Nancy Drew on you. (by the way, I always dreamed of being Nancy Drew.... solving mysteries with Ned and driving my convertible around town- I guess I came close.... driving my first car a Datsun which broke down every 30 miles around town with my 6ft 6 future Coach squished in it, and trying to solve the mystery of how to get it home... a girl can dream).

Back to my mystery!!!!  Over the last month I have been receiving letters from an unmarked sender at my house. Each piece of mail has an individual letter(alphabet letter) in the envelope. Luckily I recognized the handwriting, or I would have been really freaked out. (Of course it is my sister! She is a student teacher right now. Who else would decorate the envelopes with colored markers and hearts?) She has been sending me these random letters now each week, and I have no idea what they are supposed to spell.

My birthday is this Sunday, and apparently these letters are supposed to give me a clue about what she is getting me for my birthday. I thinks she thinks it is fun to torment me :)  There is a final letter that arrived yesterday, that I am not allowed to open until tomorrow, and she said I cannot have my gift unless I figure out the clues :( 

Well, I cannot figure out what the letters could spell, so I am asking for your help!!!! I've been given a hint that it could be an acronym..... Still doesn't help.  (And no this is not cheating! You are just helping in the process! Just don't tell my sister. )