Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's, Birthdays, and L.A.T.A

Last night, Coach and I actually got to go out!!! I don't mean just dinner and home either, we actually got to socialize! If you have read my previous posts, I'm sure you know that is a difficult task for us to do :)

It was one of the other basketball coach's birthdays, so we went out to celebrate. He just happens to be dating a member of a new music group called L.A.T.A, and they were performing. So we got to celebrate, and see a concert. Who are we???  I love spring break :)

We made our way to downtown Austin, and met up with the coach and his friends. By the way, if you have never been to Austin before, it is an experience in itself. Not only was it St. Patricks day, it was also the South by Southwest concert series. (This is a big event in Austin where big musicians come and play). So not only were the normal WEIRD Austinites out, the REALLY WEIRD ones were out too :) It made for plenty to look at as we made our way to the concert.

I was taking the pic, walking in heels, and trying not to get run
over by pedicabs, so sorry it's blurry :)

We watched the concert, watched a few people who had had too many drinks dance around the floor, ate some birthday cake, socialized and headed home. A very fun night for people who usually go to Chili's and maybe take a walk near the river for date night (don't get me wrong, I love those dates too, but a change of pace was really fun).

P.S.,  The Group L.A.T.A was amazing. Check out their first single!!! Very fun music that gets stuck in your head easily!!!