Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Go With It

This weekend I attempted to conquer one of my fears!!!

I am a people person. I like to go out, and be surrounded by people. I've rarely actually had the chance to do much on my own. I was the oldest of 5 kids, met Coach in high school, and then attended college with him. I always had roommates in the dorms until the day I married my handsome hubby. I've never lived alone. In fact I've rarely done anything alone We found out we were pregnant with Stinkerbelle 6 months after getting married, and you know kids never leave you alone :)

Who would ever want to be alone after you see
this face?

I think its because of this, I feel uncomfortable doing many things alone. I have gotten used to grocery and clothing shopping by myself, but other than that I won't do it. That has been something I've wished to change about myself for a while. And being married to a coach, does not give you much of a choice but to do things on your own.

Meet Ashtin, my sister. This is all her fault :)

She's the tough looking one on the right, unless you couldn't tell!
We were getting ready to play football on Thanksgiving and
felt we needed to dress for the part.
 She is awesome. She is my inspiration because she has no problem doing things on her own. She has plenty of friends to do things with, but if they aren't available, that doesn't stop her. She went to see Dane Cook (the comedian) by herself. She is friends with some country singers, and attends their concerts by herself. In my eyes, she is so brave. I've always wished I could be like that, so a few days ago I decided to try.

I wanted to start small so I set out to go to the movies by myself. I woke up, told Coach my plans, and readied myself to go. He was so supportive! I kind of hoped he would say that he had plans for the day, so he would need me to stay home. No luck. I knew I would chicken out, so I bought the ticket online. I may be a chicken, but my cheapness outweighs fear any day! There was no way if that ticket was paid for that I wasn't going. I got in the car, drove 45 minutes to Austin (because it was going to be way too hard to see Coach's students at the theater while I was conquering my fear), and parked in the lot. That was the easy part.

Then I just sat there..........  I didn't realize how nervous I was until I got to the theatre. I gathered myself and went into the movie approximately 10 minutes before it started. It went great. I picked up my ticket from the lady at the front, held my head up high like I knew exactly what I was doing, and went into the theater and found a seat. This was the part I dreaded the most. I don't know why, but in my head I thought that everyone would stare and think "Wow, that lady came by herself, what a loser." I have a pretty mean imaginary audience :)

The theater had maybe 15 people in it, and 2 or 3 other people who were there by themselves. I sent a few texts while I waited for the movie to start. I'm pretty sure no one even noticed me. It was actually pretty fun. Besides the whole stressing out part. I enjoyed the movie, and even went to the mall afterward for some window shopping. The movie was "Just Go With It."

Maybe that should be my new motto for conquering this fear. I am going to attempt to "Just Go With It," and not worry about whether I am with someone or not. If I would enjoy doing it, do it! It's easier said than done, but at least I took a first step.