Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do I live without you????

So, today was a pretty rough day. My oldest monkey had a fever, and had to stay home with Coach. I hate when I can't stay home and baby her. Although she was in good hands. Hands that waited on her hand and foot. Daddy's and their little girls... Something special. Anyway, not only was she bedridden, but another very sad event occurred. One of my most prized possessions died...... My Camera! If any of you are like me, this is a day to mourn. I love/loved my camera and use it constantly. It is now a part of me! My poor children have been posed and placed and told to smile more times than anyone could think possible. I like to take natural pictures too, but who can resist a big grin. Anyway, I now feel an ache in my heart for my departed camera. I would like to now say a few words:

Dear Camera,
Please forgive me for how I've used you.
You were good to me, and I took advantage of you every chance I could.
Please understand that I felt that we were meant to be together always.
I know that you were constantly flashing others, but that's okay. I kind of liked it.
I will miss your fine pixels, and the way you could always make me smile.
You were always giving, and I was always taking.
I know I pushed your buttons, but you never complained.
Thank you for your service, and work.
I love you, I miss you, and will always remember the focus you placed on me.
Love always,

On the bright side I did receive my girl scout cookies today!!!! Not all is lost!