Monday, March 14, 2011

Gradual Self Tanner

Today's Makeup Monday post:
Self Tanner!

Spring is on the way, and I am pale! This Summer I have a cruise planned and I plan on looking tan. Because of this, I need to get a head start on the best self tanners. I decided to put two gradual self tanners to the test. An off brand (Wal-Mart Equate) and Jergens gradual self tanner.

I applied the Jergens self tanner to my right arm, and applied the off brand to my left arm. I put on two applications to make sure that there was at least a slight difference in the tint of my skin.

I was impressed with the outcome of both. No streaks! Although it is important to wash your hands after the application. If you don't the spaces between your fingers will appear orange.

I used the lotion for the medium skin tone even though I am light skinned. I did this in hopes that it would work faster :)

To be honest, the outcome of this scientific experiment, (maybe I should teach science instead of speech..... okay I won't quit my day job) was that the outcome was exactly the same.

Off brand top arm

Jergens below

Both arms had a slight tan look. I surveyed those around me to see if anyone thought that one arm looked better than the other (yes, they thought I was weird, but obliged). I had 2 choose the right Jergens arm, and 3 say the left off brand. I think it may be slightly swayed by the extra freckles on my left arm.

What this shows is that if you pay less, you will still get a good outcome. Good price, good gradual tan. Remember, if you want a quick tan, this is not the lotion for you.


  • Makes you look good

  • Affordable

  • Tan without damaging your skin

  • moisturizes as well

  • The Equate is supposed to firm and reduce appearance of cellulite (don't know, haven't noticed a difference, but haven't tried it in
    those areas yet)


  • Self tanner smell

  • Very gradual

  • Doesn't last very long

Would I buy again? Yes, (probably the off brand, since I'm a cheapie)

Have to go watch the Bachelor Finale now!!!!

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