Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Best Bet: Superbowl Fashion

Ok, so I am going to let y'all in on a secret. I am officially addicted to betting. I don't mean any of those illegal bets, or ones where you make money off of someone. I mean ones where I get my husband to do things for me because I am a good guesser!

Coach and I have a long standing tradition of betting on sports teams. I love sports (tennis, soccer, volleyball, ice-skating.... pretty much all of the one's that my husband doesn't care about), but I would much rather be watching some reality show that makes me feel like my life is Waaaay normal.  In order to cure my boredom during games Coach and I  started making bets. He soon realized that it encouraged me to actually watch the sports he is interested in and learn a little about the games.

 If there's something in it for me, then I am a great supporter. This is how I learned what first downs were (I'm not really sure how I was a cheerleader for so long, and never really understood what I was cheering for.) I've even learned what a tight-end is. We won't talk about what I used to think it meant :)

The last game we made a bet on was of course, The Superbowl.

Since we don't bet for money, I definitely try to get something good out of it! My toe nails were beginning to look a little rough, and I am too cheap to go get them done (and am not really full of spare time), so I decided that if my team was to win, then I wanted Coach to give me a pedicure. Not just paint my toe nails, but really do it up. Scrub my feet, wrap my legs in hot towels, the whole shebang! The whole point of the bets is to make sure that you have the other person do something that they would never do unless forced to by the loss of a bet. (I love it!)

Coach decided that if he won, he wanted me to be the perfect coach's wife for 3 days. I pretty much feel like I am already pretty perfect at it (Not!). I was supposed to bake the team cookies, create a gift bag for my husband the day of a game, and attend the game in full team colors (etc... etc....).  I was pretty much supposed to worship him for three days. He would love to be spoiled like this all the time, but life is a little hectic for me to normally come up with baked goods for the team and worship him :) I have 3 monkeys that I'm busy chasing and a job, sorry Charlie. But this is what would happen if I was to lose.

We shook on it, and moved on to our team choices.

The way I pick teams really cracks up Coach. I usually just say I have a feeling about who will win, and who won't. I call it my MommyPsych. I think all moms have a 6th and maybe a 7th sense. We do have eyes in the back of our heads you know!  I really didn't have an opinion about who I wanted to win, but I remembered that I had an old comfy Packers t-shirt packed away, and that it would be fun to wear a shirt supporting my team. So, based on my outfit, I decided to choose the Packers. Coach, was happy to go for the other team and the bet was on.

Long story short, I'm sure most of you saw or heard the outcome of the game, so you know how this all turned out. It turned out with a happy Autumn!

I would like to thank my best friend Stacey, who let me borrow her Packers shirt approximately 8 years ago (Not sure if I stole it or if she gave it to me..... Sorry Stace. Let me know if you want it back!).

Just so you know Stacey, you are the reason that I am sitting here with soft feet and pretty red toes. Thank you friend!

Thanks mom for passing down the Flintstone feet

Poor baby, I think I passed them down to her too!
Mini-Me was determined to have her toes
(ooohhhh..... I just love baby toes!)
 I am proud to say that I won this bet because of fashion! Superbowl Fashion that is!

If you are ever having trouble with getting motivation to watch a game with your spouse, I would definitely recommend  betting! It makes it so much more fun. Please do not hold me liable if you end up having to worship your husband, you win some, you lose some. I am now out of professional sports team shirts to help me make choices, so I guess I will be using the MommyPsych for March Madness! I do occasionally lose, so I'll let you in on those sad days too :) We'll think happy thoughts of painted toes until then.

Thank you Coach for always going along with my crazy bets!
You are a great sport!