Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things That Make You Say Ewwwww!!!

Last night was game night. It was an out of town game so I again chose to support my Hubby from the home court :) While he was off helping boys become men and changing the world, I was at home changing diapers. I know that being a mom is a way of changing the world but it can be hard to remember this when you are running through the house trying to find the magic eraser because Mini-me thought it would  be fun to draw in pen and marker all over the walls while you were putting baby Gray to bed.
She also colored herself
By the way I would like to personally thank the maker of the magic eraser. Whoever you are, if I ever meet you, I would like to give you a big kiss, for saving my life so many times! I love you Magic eraser maker. Oh, wait, it is made by Mr. Clean isn't it?  Mr. Clean you have a big kiss coming on that shiny bald head of yours if you ever turn out to be real.

Anyway, not only was last night b-ball night, it also was a night that would change my life forever. I have been scarred and pictures have been ingrained in my brain of things that I think no woman or child should ever have to see.

Let me explain.  One of my favorite things to do is go to the public library. I love visiting it, even though we have our own library of hundreds of childrens books at home. The smell of the library makes me happy.

When coach and I were dating, he used to make fun of me because I would make him go with me to the top story of the university library and smell the old books. I think he thought/thinks I was crazy but loved me anyway! They need to make a room spray called, "Old Books." I would definately buy that one.

Anyway, recently I let my 5 year old Stinkerbelle come with me to pick out books for the family. We went during nap time to give Coach a much needed few minutes of quiet. Stinkerbelle picked out the books for all of the kiddos, and I looked at a few I will attempt to get read. We quickly grabbed our selections and headed home.
Well, last night I began to read one, which during checkout I had figured was a potty training book. I am not sure now. The book is called, "Everyone poops." I told you it was scarring. I thought this would be a cute little potty training book, but no........ no, no, no. It is much more!!! Please beware that if you do read this book, you will be scarred. My sister came over, and I had her read it :) Told you I am mean to her.

Anyway, the book starts out talking about how animals poop (I hate that word by the way) *Gag* , where they do it, what it looks like, and then moves on to humans... I don't care to talk about it much more, but I have to say that while I was reading it, the kids thought it was hilarious. Even the baby was saying "Ewwwwwwww...."

 After finishing the book, I told the kids that we would not be reading it again, but the damage was done.

Today, Stinkerbelle brought me a picture she had drawn.

What have I done? Coach saw the book and thought it was hilarious. Men.
You've been warned :)