Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Season

Well, it's football season again and life has changed a lot for me since I wrote my last blog post. It seems crazy to me that I haven't written in over a year, but when life gets hectic, sometimes you have to choose the important things in life and put the fun things on hold. I have moved two times since my last post. My Coach and I decided to take a large pay cut, :0 and move to my hometown. My hubby went from being a head high school basketball coach to a Jr. High coach. He chose to do this so our kids and I could be near their Mimi, Poppa, Aunts and Uncle. It meant a lot to me that he would choose his family over his career growth. We also felt like this was where the Lord was leading, and calling us. Sometimes you end up happier when you let go and let the Lord lead you in the opposite direction of what your plans are.

It has taken a little bit of time for Coach to get adjusted to dealing with these hormone enraged messes of Jr. Higher's, but he has found that there is an amazing chance to help these kids grow and learn the basics. That is one of the amazing things about sports. The ability to find new ways to grow and push yourself.

I have started a new adventure as well. I now work in an Outpatient Rehab at a hospital. I have gotten the opportunity to work with children, and adults who have difficulties ranging from articulation problems, neurogenic stuttering, dysphagia, laryngectomy, aphasia, and much more. It is an amazing job and keeps me on my toes. Although I love my new job, I still have never loved any job more than my job as a mom! (Although it is the hardest and most exhausting job I've ever had). That job keeps me on my toes too. I deal with difficulties ranging from spelling tests, field trips, dr's visits, fit throwing, and birthday planning. (And much, much more!)

Life is great how it keeps you guessing on what comes next. We would be bored if it never changed. I've missed having the chance to write and share. It is one of my favorite things to do, so I am going to make it happen. I am going to go plan a birthday party now, and hopefully not encounter any fit throwing :)