Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sister Talk 'N Fruit

Last night Coach was out watching his favorite college team get beat. I would feel sorry for him, except he was cheering for Missouri to beat UT. He got what was coming. I'm not really a fan of either, but Texas always comes first around here. (Sorry to all of my Missouri friends and family)

 I'm pretty sure he was the only one in the UT stadium wearing black and gold. Someone actually bumped into him as he was leaving the bathroom, and they apologized, saw his Mizzou hat, and took back their apology. We take our sports pretty seriously around here.

While Coach was out getting hassled by Texas fans, my sister came over to keep me company and hang out. She lives about 45 miles away, so occasionally we take turns driving to each others town. She and I get along really well now, but we love to remind each other of the horrible things we did to each other as children (she swears I was the only one, but she has no idea how much she taunted me). I couldn't help it that I thought it would be funny to see her eat dog food, and to see if she could escape if I taped her up with duct tape and left her in the basement. Wow, it sounds pretty bad on paper, but believe me, she loved the attention :) 
Our annual pajama match
(Yes, we are nerds)

Anyway, during our intellectual conversation last night about which shoes go better with our outfits, and the new Coach purse that she got a great deal on (which I am way jealous of by the way), I found out that she had never had a pomegranate. Random topic I know, but this is my new favorite fruit, and I had to share it with her. I know it's strange, but that's how sister speak works. One topic to another, and no real reason for the switch.

 I told her how I had just discovered this really cool fruit, and how fun they were to eat. Since she had not ever had one, I figured many of you probably have not had one either, so I had to share my new find and recommend it! I am including my step-by-step process of preparing a pomegranate. It takes a little time to eat, but it is soooo good for you. I've heard there are some awesome health benefits of it, but really I thought it was neat because it was different than the everyday apple, banana or orange. These are the kind of things I get excited about :)

There are always funky looking fruits at the grocery store that kind of scare me, no more Mr. Pomegranate, no more

Cut it in half, because the work is on the inside
There are little seeds on the inside (these are what you eat)
I would not recommend eating the peel!
Time to get dirty. Use your fingers or a spoon to pop the seeds out.
Is it just me or do my hands look extra wrinkly???
The seeds are kind of in little pods
Have a bowl ready to catch the seeds, I say this because I peeled my first pomegranate in the car
Seems like a lot of hard work for one fruit
But you really do get a lot out of one.
According to Coach, each seed is like a drink of juice
I think the seeds are what would happen if a blackberry and a cranberry had babies (weird I know)
You'll See!

Try one and let me know how it goes!!!