Friday, January 14, 2011

Everyone Should Do Cartwheels

Last night, I participated in an event that I am glad no one (besides my family) will ever see. Coach was home early because it was the night before a game. We picked up dinner, and had a fun evening hanging out together in the living room. Everything was pretty normal until my daughter asked me a tricky question.

"How do you do a cartwheel mom?"

Being a former cheerleader, and dancer , I felt highly equipped to handle this question. I puffed out my chest and walked to the middle of the living room floor. First, I began by attempting to show her how to do one through demonstration. Lets just say it didn't work out so well. I didn't realize how long it has been. This demonstration ended with laughter from all of my children (even the 1 year old) as well as my hubby

. Hmmm.... how do you teach a cartwheel? I've been doing them since I was 4, so I have never really thought about how I was supposed to teach it. Needless to say, I attempted to have her lift one leg here, place two hands there, and kick. It was a very entertaining and interesting sight. By the end of the night, I offered up the suggestion that maybe we should enroll her in gymnastics this summer and let the professionals handle it.

As I sit here and write this, I think, parenting is kind of like doing a cartwheel. You jump into it, and just do it. The rules are hard to explain, and everyone has their own personal touch. We are all just hoping to make it through with grace and land on our feet. Sometimes we don't do it perfectly, but we all have the opportunity to get up and try again. (Wow, guess I am feeling deep today!) It takes practice, and sometimes we can use some help to get through it. Cartwheels can be so much fun, but they also take a lot of hard work.

By the way, I will be practicing cartwheels for the next few days to ensure myself I haven't lost my touch :)
Keep me in your prayers! I'll need it.