Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wanna Smile Today?

Today is game night! Go Team! The game is pretty far away tonight, so I will not be attending. I am there in spirit. Sending luck to the hubby. Since game nights are one of the hardest nights (watching the kids, fixing dinner, bathing children who think it is hilarious to splash the mascara off my eyelashes, and attempting to keep the house clean alone), I like to have an activity for my kiddos to do. I have found that:
 Food +Entertainment = A few minutes of peace (I'm not making any promises though!) :)

I first did this craft/snack with my speech therapy groups, and then did it with my monkeys at home!

They love it when I bring home work :)

Apple Smiles!

Ingredients needed:
*Peanut Butter
*Mini Marshmallows                  

Start out with an everyday apple! The ones pictured are Gala's. I liked these because they were small and easy to create little smiles.

Thank you coach for being my Vanna!

Cut out 2 slices of the apple in an almost wedged shape.  Sorry the pic's are so blurry. My camera was in the early death stages at this time :(      Memories.......

Add some peanut butter! This always makes any snack a hit with my speech kiddos! Peanut... Peanut Butter.......

Spread the peanut butter on one side of the apple slices. The peanut butter side will be the inside of the mouth.

Now add mini marshmallows to one slice of apple on the peanut butter side. Make sure to add the marshmallows close to the rounded outer edge. These will be our beautiful teeth!

Put the apple slice without marshmallows on top of the other one, peanut butter side down!

Tada! This person might need to floss.

This is a very simple craft recipe that only takes a few minutes to create, but is a ton of fun!

Say Cheese! Eat and enjoy!