Sunday, March 6, 2011

Speechies and the Stars

I apologize for the break in posts. This week I attended the yearly conference for speech therapists in Houston (Internet was only available with a per minute charge at the Hilton-and we've established that I am way too cheap for that-sorry y'all).

Hilton Lobby- Liked this light!

I attend this conference to learn more about my profession, but definitely didn't pass up the opportunity to see my grad school friends and get to know the ladies I work with better.  I also really enjoyed swimming in the indoor pool, and having my bed made for me every day. It felt very strange waking up and only having to worry about getting myself ready (oh how I used to take that for granted).

I got to meet up with my graduate school friends one evening and have dinner. It felt like we had not even been apart.  I don't know about you, but there are always those people in the restaurant that sound like they are having way too much fun. They are laughing annoyingly loud, and I secretly wonder what is so funny or so exciting. We were them :) I loved seeing my gals!

On my last evening in Houston I had a very unexpected experience. While walking to the "House of Blues" for dinner with a few ladies we passed 3 buses parked along the side of the road. Now, because my sister is friends with some Texas country singers, I recognized that they looked like a tour bus that musicians travel on. It was lit up and we could see a  guitar and a playlist through the window (promise we weren't stalking, just glancing). Jamie, one of the ladies walking with me, said "It says Good Directions and God is Great, do you know any of those songs?" I said, "Oh my gosh, I bet that is Billy Currington's bus." Just so y'all know, I love country music, and I really like his songs, so I was pretty excited. We figured he was around there somewhere close and decided to keep our eyes open.

After dinner we were pretty sad that we hadn't seen Billy. We had heard that he was going to be singing at the Houston Rodeo the next day. I thought it was pretty cool that I had seen his bus, so I wasn't too upset. As we were walking back to our hotel, we passed by the buses and stopped to look up at the Four Season's Hotel they were parked in front of. We began talking about how nice it would be to stay there, and that, that was probably where the band was. As we were discussing this, a man standing next to the buses asked how we were doing tonight. We told him we were fine and ended up having a conversation with him. Well, it turned out that he was the production manager for Billy Currington. He showed us the bus and we chatted with him for a while. Very nice guy. He gave us tickets to the upcoming Billy Currington concert in San Antonio, and set us up to get a meet and greet with Billy (the concert is April 15th, so I will keep y'all updated on the status of that!).

Overall, it was a great trip! Fun, exciting, and a few days to escape the trials of everyday life. I did miss my babies bunches, and couldn't wait to get home to Coach! There's no place like home!
We headed out to the river today! So much fun.
It was so good to come back and
kiss these faces!

P.S.,  Coach's team  finished out basketball season as Regional Semifinalists!!!! This had not been done at his school since 1974! Congrats Coach, y'all did an amazing job! Lots of sacrifice, but for a great cause.