Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just hanging out Watching Eagles! (Real ones!)

Yesterday, I heard a story that really caught my interest on NPR. Now, I am not a regular listener of NPR, because very rarely do the stories ever catch my interest, but this one was so neat I cannot help but share!!!
As we speak there is a live feed of two eagles and their recently hatched eaglettes online. The video feed shows 24 hours a day and documents every move these eagles make. I checked it out today and was surprised at how interested my monkeys were. Every single one of them sat silently and watched in awe at the beautiful creatures (okay, Baby Gray only lasted for approx. 2 minutes, and then started beating the computer, but for an 18 month old, 2 minutes is a lifetime of stillness). I found myself getting excited when the mama eagle started moving around and I could see 2 little hatched eaglettes peaking out from underneath her. She was even feeding them some fish she had caught earlier.

Apparently the eagles are being watched as part of a research project, and over 200 million people have viewed the feed so far. When we logged on, there were 150,000 people watching at the same time as us. I am not sure why it is so interesting, but I do know that it was something that my family loved seeing. It is something positive and uplifting (a nice break from all of the bad news on the internet and television). You can even watch the eagles at night via infrared light. So cool.

Anyway, just wanted to share the neat experience we had. Be sure to let me know if you check it out, and what you and your family think!