Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Mystery Solved!!!

My final envelope from my sister included this message:


So I'm assuming you still have not figured it out. Call it What You Want, but I know I made it a little hard. But I Want It That Way. Don't worry though, Baby I Believe in You. So, Let's Try It Again because You Got It.. The Right Stuff to figure this out. So you should probably take it Step By Step. I know these are just more clues you're getting Tonight, but they are All I Have to Give you, and believe me, the are not something that Everybody can have. They are a little Larger Than Life but so are we so Please Don't Go Girl, keep thinking about it and Hangin Tough and you'll get it. As Long as You Love Me, I'll Quit Playing Games and wait for The Call from you letting me know that you put it all together. Now, Didn't I Blow Your Mind????


 I did get the mystery after this message!!!! She is taking me to a concert!!! Did you figure it out? If not, Kyna on my previous post was amazing and figured it out before I even opened my final envelpe!!! Great job!!! Thanks for all of the help y'all! You are amazing!

P.S., I have had a great birthday today! Good food, family, and lots of cake (the cake almost caught on fire from all of the candles). I got a new camera, so I no longer have to mourn the death of my previous one :)