Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair & Makeup Monday: Whipping Up Soft Shiny Hair!

This is definitely not me
or my hair. It was so shiny
and pretty, that I am hoping
this will be my outcome.
But Blonde :)
 Ways to Get Soft Shiny Hair
(For Thrifty Women Like Me!
-A.K.A. Cheap)

Winter has officially taken the life out of my hair. Because of this I am on a quest to find the best home remedy to add shine and health back to my hair. I found many different sites with ideas, and I've decided to try one a week for the next 4 weeks. I will let you know which ones actually are worth your energy, and which one's are old wives tales. Here is the first home remedy for dull hair that I will be testing!!! (I'm a little scared!)
An Oldie But a Goodie

1.  Mayonnaise:
I've always heard about this in old movies and on t.v. shows, but never really thought that I would put something that goes in between two slices of bread on my head. I never thought I would be cleaning crayon out of a toddlers teeth either, but sometimes you do what you've got to do :)

It is advised to put the mayo in your hair, focusing on the ends (to reduce frizz and split ends) and leaving it in for approximately an hour. You can wrap it with a towel or just put on a shower cap to keep from condimenting your home. After the hour wait, rinse, shampoo, and blowdry.
**** Tip: When rinsing your hair use cool water. It seals the cuticles and is supposed to prevent frizz. *****
I'm heading off now to get started. I will take pic's to let you see the difference. Check back tomorrow to help me judge whether this is beauty miracle or just miracle whip!

See ya tomorrow. Let's just hope Coach doesn't smell my head and decide he feels hungry in the middle of the night!

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