Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Name May Be Autumn, but I Did Not Fall

So, tonight is game night, and it's an away game. I am at home, and not brave enough to take 3 kiddos out of town to watch Coach's game.  I sometimes get a little down about not being able to attend the games, but instead of dwelling on it, I am going to share with you my entertaining weekend activity.

I am always up for getting out of the house. I am a goer, (is that a word?). Whether it is or not, that is what I am. Coach on the other hand loves to stay home. I call him my hubby homebody. Ooh,  here's a thought I can call him my homeboy.  That may just stick. He would choose to stay home and watch a RedBox rental any day rather than go out to a movie. I would rather get out. I am always up for a drive or for a walk, although drives have become much less enjoyable since my two year old has decided she officially hates the car, and walks are a little breezy right now.

Anyway, my hubby homeboy (see it works! No? Alright, I'll stick with homebody) decided to get me out of the house and take me on a surprise date.  Let's all say it together..... Awwwww........
Okay, don't get too excited because it was not a trip to Paris, or a getaway to wine country. But it was sweet. He surprised me by taking me ice skating.

So, if you have read my previous post about cartwheels, you got to enjoy my embaroussment at the fact that I can no longer effectively flip my body through the air like I used to. I have been practicing by the way, and no you don't get to see pictures. Maybe once I perfect them :) 

I hoped that this ice skating experience would go much smoother than the whole cartwheel catastrophe. (I'm pretty scarred).  I remind you that I live in Texas, and where I come from, it does not snow, or even ice over, so this ice skating thing is unknown territory. Now, Coach is not a small guy. He is 6ft 6, and approximately 240 lbs, so this wasn't going to be a breeze for him either. The rink was small and chopped up from a lot of use during the day, but we were going to attempt this. In my head, Coach and I were going to skate arm in arm, or do the couple skate thing (you know, where the girl skates backwards, and the boy pushes her- umm it was romantic in middle school).  We grabbed our skates and headed onto the ice. The rink was atop a building in a nearby big city, so we got to see all of downtown and the lights as our view. It could not get more romantic right? Well, if constant stumbling, hanging onto the wall for dear life, and being passed by people 3 times our age is romantic, then there you go.  After a little practice we became a little smoother, so I asked my hubby homebody (yeah, I like that better), to couple skate. We attempted and failed miserably, but we did not go down!!!  That was the goal of the evening, Do Not Fall Down! And we didn't. We did however wear ourselves out and have to stop every once in a while to catch our breaths. Maybe I should write a section about working out. :) 

In our own little way we had a romantic evening, and the fact that Coach planned it made it special. Romance is enjoying the time you have together and making the most of it. We didn't look awesome on the ice, but we had an amazing time. Although, someday I am planning on going to Paris. Hopefully they don't have ice skating there!

Just a quick note to those of you who used to make jokes about my name in elementary school (I'm sure you can guess all of the Fall jokes they came up with), some were kind of funny actually :) but I want you to know:

My Name May Be Autumn but I Did Not Fall Down!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your humor and wit. These blogs are wonderful, Autumn. Keep it up!!!